15 Front Door Colors for a Green House for 2024 (2024)

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What are the options for front door colors for a green house?

Whether you’re bored with your current door or you never thought the color quite matched, it can be a challenge to find the right combination.

Worry no more.

15 Beautiful Door Colors for Green Houses

Green is an emotion-evoking color that represents growth and life, making it an excellent choice for any home’s exterior.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to choose a front door color for a green house. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find the perfect balance, and we have 15 potential options.

1. Light Brown

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Jason Finn/Shutterstock

Designers often pair brown and green to create an earthy feeling, so it’s no surprise that a brown door blends seamlessly with a green house.

The color scheme works especially well with beige stone or brick accents.

2. Brown

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It doesn’t get much greener than this home with cascades of lush ivy.

Of course, a house doesn’t need an ivy coat to get the desired effect, just look how the rich, reddish-brown door looks stunning against the dark green siding.

3. Cherry Red

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Set off a soft green siding with white trim and a cherry red door for show-stopping curb appeal.

The red truly pops against the complementary siding without overwhelming the front of the home. Add red furniture or décor to the front porch to balance the look.

4. Black

A black door does an excellent job of elevating the allure of a house.

It’s a neutral option that works with most shades of green while making it easy to switch exterior colors down the line.

5. Yellow

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Go bright with a cheerful yellow door. Break up the colors and create a cohesive exterior with white trim and accent work.

6. White

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What if the house happens to have a funky green hue that doesn’t work with anything else?

Think of white as the old faithful of door colors because it works with anything, including lime green and puse.

7. Maroon

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Enhance a home’s exterior aesthetic with a brick-colored door. If your windows have glass panels with wood between them, you can paint them to match the door.

8. Natural Wood

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A natural wood grain door, especially oak or walnut, can show intricate, organic detail. For added drama, use the same natural wood for shutters or window lashings.

Offset the natural colors with off-white, ivory, or white trim for a clean, refreshing look. You can also stain the door rather than paint it. Wood stain brings out the natural beauty of the wood.

9. Beige

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Using natural colors makes your home look like it belongs in the landscape. With soft hues like beige, champagne, or cream, you can achieve a natural look that also sets off the exterior of the house.

This is especially true if your walls are a darker shade of green; the contrast will stand out.

10. Green

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Green is a less common front door color for a green house, but if it’s executed well, it can pay off.

Pairing a lighter green exterior with a door in a darker shade can add interest and depth.

11. Blue

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Updating a green house with a blue door can give off a different earthy vibe. The blue adds a jolt of boldness without looking out of place.

You can choose the shade that best complements your wall color. For example, use a medium blue for light green, or choose sky blue for a medium shade of green.

12. Gray

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Gray might seem like a boring choice, but the right blends can add class to a home’s exterior.

Pair a gray door with a soft or moss green and accent it with wrought-iron décor to enhance curb appeal.

13. Purple

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Thispowerful coloris associated with wealth and royalty. Purple shades are said to positively affect the body and mind, which draws attention to itself right away.

14. Orange

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This vibrant color is like adding a ray of sunshine to the home.

But be careful: orange is extremely bright, and doesn’t work with all shades of green. You don’t end up wanting a home that’s painted to look like a clown.

15. Royal Blue

15 Front Door Colors for a Green House for 2024 (15)


Royal blue with green siding works great, especially when it’s combined with white trim and black metal hardware.

When using a dark shade of blue, make sure you vary the accents to add value to the door’s color.

Things to Consider

Like every other decision you make for your home, the color of the front door should match your aesthetic.

There are a few factors to consider that can help you make the best decision.

  • Do you belong to a homeowner’s association? Some HOAs have strict regulations about the exterior, including door colors.
  • What is your theme? If you have a lot of plants and like the earthy feel, that narrows your list considerably.
  • Pick up some color swatches to hold against your exterior, including trim and shutters, to ensure it looks cohesive. Choose your color outside in the natural light instead of indoors, where it looks different.
  • Make sure that youuse the right type of paint. Weather-resistant exterior paint is your best bet for long-lasting appeal.
  • Don’t forget to sand and prime your door before painting it.

Tips For Picking a Color For Your Front Door

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Here are a few tips to follow when choosing a front door color:

Keep it classic

For a timeless look, choose neutral colors. Classic colors for front doors are deep red and navy blue, which serve as neutrals. If you change your style or change the outside of your home later, neutral colors change with you.

Color is not a threat

Many people are unsure of using bright colors for their home décor, but it costs less to paint a door than it does to paint an entire house or room, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

If there’s a color that appeals to you, give it a try. If bright colors overwhelm you, try a darker version of a color.

Consider your home’s style

Your home’s overall style can help you choose a front door color. If you use an unexpected color, you can liven up a traditional exterior.

Take a look at your surroundings. If you’re not sure what color to paint your entryway, take a look outside. Colors found in nature can also be used in your home.

Consider making it monochrome

This trick is great if you have a small house. Paint the exterior, door, trim, and window frames the same color to visually expand your home.

A monochromatic color scheme also makes accessories stand out, such as planters and sconces.

You should also paint your front door trim

The trim on your front door should also be painted.

The front door looks fantastic when painted white, but another option is to paint the trim a contrasting color and make the front door pop. Rich brown tones can warm up a door with cool colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about choosing house colors? Here are some common questions and answers to help.

What color should I paint my front door if my house is sage green?

If your house is sage green, you could paint it a reddish-brown color with light brown trim. This would give it a balanced aesthetic look. Other colors that pair well with sage green are white and grey, a muted red, yellow, and pink.

Is it better for the door to be lighter or darker?

In the case of a green house, a door with contrasting hues can provide the look your home needs. You should have a lighter front door if the materials around your door are dark, and the reverse is true. Don’t shy away from being unconventional, however.

What’s the best type of paint for a front door?

Paint for a front door should have a combination of qualities that keep it intact and attractive during inclement weather. Make sure the paint is durable and sheen-free.

When you’re looking for a front door paint, look for a paint or combination product that says “exterior” or “interior/exterior” on it.

The type of door you have dictates whether you choose oil or water-based paint. Water-based paints such as latex do a good job of retaining color. This makes them perfect for exterior doors.

Additionally, they make fewer fumes. This makes them more eco-friendly. They also dry more rapidly compared to oil-based paints, and you can apply them over them.

Final Thoughts

That’s what you need to know about the best front door colors for a green house.

As you choose what color you want to paint your front door, remember to look at any HOA laws, consider your personality, and look at your surroundings for front door color ideas.

15 Front Door Colors for a Green House for 2024 (2024)


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