17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (2024)

Picking the right shutter color can make all the difference in creating a welcoming, harmonious, and eye-catching exterior.

For a green house, brick red shutters offer a contrasting, rustic charm. Navy blue introduces a sophisticated touch, harmonizing beautifully with green tones.

Ivory white shutters provide a neutral, elegant contrast, ensuring the home’s façade remains inviting and balanced. These selections amplify curb appeal while ensuring visual harmony.

This article provides you with 17 impressive shutter colors that perfectly match a green house, each one accompanied by a detailed analysis of why and how it works.

From classical to contemporary, subtle to striking, we have a color just waiting for your shutters.

Explore our color visualizer tool below, allowing you to experiment with various color options for your space.

Note:The color codes below are recommendations. We have tried to match the color code to the shutters in the images, but in some cases the colors may vary.

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17. Oceanic Blue (#0077BE)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (2)

With its striking resemblance to the deep sea, oceanic blue is a refreshing choice for a green house. This color strikes a balance between being vibrant and soothing.

Its intense character doesn’t compete with the green but rather creates a pleasant contrast, much like greenery against a blue sky or a tranquil sea.

Moreover, it’s a color that easily translates into any season, giving your house a timeless appeal. This choice can be especially stunning for houses surrounded by a lush landscape.

Quick tip: Use white window trims to accentuate the oceanic blue shutters and create a crisp, clean look.

16. Ivory (#FFFFF0)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (3)

There is a simple charm to ivory shutters. This subtly warm shade enhances the beauty of a green house by offering a contrast that’s noticeable yet not stark.

Ivory exudes an inviting, comfortable feel, making your home exterior seem more welcoming. The elegance and timelessness of Whispering Ivory create an ambiance of tranquility.

Additionally, the color works well with a range of other exterior features, from wooden decks to brick paths.

Quick tip: Add black hardware to ivory shutters for an extra touch of sophistication.

15. Lime (#C7EA46)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (4)

Introducing lime into your shutter color scheme can add a vibrant yet harmonious energy to your green house.

This shade of green-yellow is not only energetic but also uplifting, bringing a lively twist to your home exterior.

Using lime shutters creates an extension of greenery that works perfectly in a garden-rich environment, making your house appear as a natural part of the landscape.

14. Tuscan Red (#7C3030)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (5)

Tuscan red shutters serve as an eye-catching contrast to a green house, delivering an aesthetic that is simultaneously bold and sophisticated.

This rich, deep shade of red evokes a sense of rustic charm that draws attention without overwhelming the eyes.

Particularly during fall, when the hues of nature change, tuscan red shutters can beautifully echo the surroundings, making your home a focal point in the neighborhood.

13. Cool Graphite (#606060)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (6)

If you prefer a subtle, chic look, cool graphite is an excellent choice.

This balanced shade of gray works exceptionally well with green, maintaining a low-profile elegance that complements rather than competes with the primary house color.

Graphite shutters create a sleek, modern vibe that enhances the overall appeal of your house. They also tend to match well with various exterior accents like stone or metalwork.

12. Mint (#98FF98)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (7)

There’s something quite enchanting about mint shutters on a green house. This cool, light shade of green has a calming effect and can seamlessly blend with a variety of green house colors.

Mint shutters evoke an air of freshness and organic appeal, creating a cohesive look that feels naturally inviting.

It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate understated elegance and desire their home to exude a sense of tranquility.

11. Burnt Orange (#CC5500)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (8)

If you desire a more audacious color choice, burnt orange shutters could be your pick.

This warm, vibrant color provides a beautiful contrast against a green house, exuding a lively and robust energy.

Burnt orange can mimic the hues of a gorgeous sunset or autumn leaves, making your house look picturesque and engaging throughout the year.

This color choice can work wonders, especially for homes situated amidst abundant greenery.

10. Dusky Lavender (#967BB6)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (9)

Introduce a hint of charm to your green house with dusky lavender shutters.

This soft, muted purple shade contrasts subtly against the green while adding a whimsical touch to your home’s overall aesthetic.

Lavender, with its associations of tranquility and grace, imbues a serene, soothing vibe. Moreover, it’s a color that’s not commonly seen on shutters, making your house stand out amidst the crowd.

Paired with a green house, dusky lavender shutters create a harmonious color scheme that exudes elegance and visual appeal.

9. Earthy Sienna (#882D17)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (10)

Earthy sienna is a rich, warm color that contrasts splendidly against a green house.

The deep reddish-brown shade of these shutters exudes a rustic charm, adding a cozy and inviting touch to your home.

Sienna is a color that connects with nature, making it an excellent choice for homes in verdant settings or those with landscaped gardens.

Earthy sienna shutters can give your green house a grounded yet sophisticated aesthetic.

They not only enhance the green of your house but also pair well with a range of other exterior elements such as brick paths, wooden decks, or stone walls.

8. Goldenrod (#DAA520)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (11)

Goldenrod shutters can infuse your green house with a dose of warm, inviting energy.

This vibrant shade of yellow is reminiscent of a field of goldenrod flowers, offering a natural harmony with the green of your house.

Goldenrod shutters create a visually striking contrast without being overwhelming, adding an energetic yet sophisticated charm to your home exterior.

Moreover, the sunny brightness of these shutters can lend a cheerful vibe, making your house appear warm and welcoming no matter the weather or season.

7. Black (#000000)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (12)

Black shutters add a dramatic touch to a green house. The deep black color creates a powerful contrast, enhancing the vibrancy of the green while adding an element of sophistication.

Black is a timeless color choice, suitable for any home style, from traditional to contemporary.

These shutters can accentuate the architectural features of your house, drawing attention to the windows and creating a visually appealing exterior.

Despite their boldness, black shutters maintain a versatile charm, matching seamlessly with a variety of other exterior colors and materials.

6. Soft Coral (#FF7F50)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (13)

Soft coral shutters offer a unique contrast to a green house. This light, warm shade of orange-pink adds a delicate touch of color, bringing a lively, playful vibe to your home.

Soft coral shutters can enhance the warm undertones of the green exterior, creating a vibrant yet balanced color scheme.

Furthermore, this choice adds a touch of femininity and whimsy, ensuring your home stands out in a distinctive and tasteful manner.

5. Vintage Taupe (#483C32)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (14)

Vintage taupe is a unique and stylish choice that lends a touch of nostalgic charm to a green house.

These shutters, in a deep muted brown, bring a soothing and balanced contrast to the green exterior.

Taupe is a color that connects with the earthy elements of the surroundings, enhancing the natural aesthetics of your house.

It’s a choice that speaks of a quiet, understated elegance. This versatile shade also pairs well with a variety of architectural styles and materials, from brick and stone to wood.

4. Midnight Navy (#000080)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (15)

Consider bringing in the mysterious allure of the night sky to your home with midnight navy shutters.

This deep, rich blue color contrasts beautifully against a green house, offering a color scheme that’s both striking and calming.

Midnight navy shutters give your home a touch of sophistication and drama without being too overwhelming.

They exude an air of timeless elegance, creating a visually pleasing appearance that’s sure to capture attention.

Whether your house is a modern architectural marvel or a charming traditional abode, midnight navy shutters can enhance its curb appeal.

3. Orange (#FFA500)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (16)

Orange shutters could be a bold and exciting choice for your green house.

This bright, lively shade brings a sunny warmth to the exterior, creating a pleasing and high-energy contrast.

Orange is a color that radiates positivity and joy, making your house look welcoming and cheerful.

This bold color choice can make your home stand out in the neighborhood, attracting admiring looks from passers-by.

2. White (#FFFFFF)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (17)

Traditional white shutters on a green house are a classic choice that never goes out of style.

The crisp, clean white provides a beautiful contrast against the green, highlighting the architectural features of your home.

White is a color that symbolizes purity and simplicity, lending your house a sophisticated and timeless charm.

White shutters can enhance the brightness of your green house, giving it a fresh, inviting appearance.

They also offer a great deal of flexibility, matching well with a variety of other exterior elements and color schemes.

1. Rustic Brick Red (#B22222)

17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (18)

Rustic brick red shutters can transform the look of your green house, creating a visually striking contrast that’s both warm and sophisticated.

This deep, rich shade of red brings a rustic charm, making your home appear cozy and inviting.

Brick red shutters can beautifully complement the green of your house, creating a balanced and harmonious exterior.

They can also mirror the changing hues of nature, particularly during the fall season, enhancing the natural aesthetics of your surroundings.

Brick red shutters are a choice that promises to lend character, charm, and elegance to your green house.

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17 Shutter Colors that Breathe Life into Your Green House (2024)


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