Ups Mailbox Near Me (2024)

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11. Your Guide to UPS Mailbox Services - Reviano

  • 17 sep 2023 · A UPS mailbox is a mailing address with a real street address where you can receive mail from virtually every US carrier, including USPS and ...

  • UPS mailbox is a mailing address with a real street address where you can receive mail from every US carrier, including USPS and FedEx.

Your Guide to UPS Mailbox Services - Reviano


Are you tired of missing important packages or waiting in long lines at the post office? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the benefits of UPS mailboxes and how they can make your shipping experience easier and more convenient. Whether you are a small business owner or an individual looking for a reliable shipping solution, UPS mailboxes are the answer. Let's dive in and discover the advantages of having a UPS mailbox near you.

Heading 1: What is a UPS Mailbox?

A UPS mailbox is a secure and private mailbox located at a UPS store or facility. It provides individuals and businesses with a physical address for receiving mail and packages. Unlike a traditional PO box, a UPS mailbox offers additional services such as package acceptance from all carriers, mail forwarding, and email or text notifications when new items arrive.

Heading 2: Why Choose a UPS Mailbox?

There are several reasons why choosing a UPS mailbox is a smart decision for your shipping needs:

  1. Convenience: With UPS mailboxes strategically located in various neighborhoods, finding a mailbox near you is easy. This means no more long drives to the post office or waiting for packages at home. You can pick up your mail and packages at your convenience, even outside regular business hours.

  2. Security: UPS mailboxes provide a secure alternative to having packages left unattended on your doorstep. Your packages are stored in a locked mailbox until you retrieve them, reducing the risk of theft or damage. Additionally, UPS stores are equipped with surveillance cameras, further ensuring the safety of your shipments.

Heading 3: How to Find a UPS Mailbox Near You

Finding a UPS mailbox near you is a breeze. Here are a few simple ways to locate the nearest UPS mailbox:

  1. Online Search: Visit the official UPS website and use their store locator tool. Simply enter your address or zip code, and the tool will display a list of nearby UPS stores and mailboxes.

  2. Mobile Apps: Download the UPS mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices. The app not only helps you find the nearest UPS mailbox but also provides tracking updates, shipping labels, and other useful features.

Heading 4: Additional Benefits of UPS Mailboxes

Aside from convenience and security, UPS mailboxes offer several other benefits:

  1. Package Acceptance: UPS mailboxes accept packages from all carriers, making it a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs. No more worrying about missed deliveries or having to coordinate with different carriers.

  2. Mail Forwarding: If you frequently travel or move, a UPS mailbox can be a lifesaver. They offer mail forwarding services, ensuring that your important mail reaches you wherever you are.


In conclusion, UPS mailboxes are a game-changer when it comes to shipping convenience and security. With their widespread availability, finding a UPS mailbox near you is a simple task. Enjoy the convenience of picking up packages at your own leisure and the peace of mind knowing that your shipments are secure. Say goodbye to missed deliveries and hello to hassle-free shipping with a UPS mailbox!


  1. Can I receive packages from all carriers at a UPS mailbox? Yes, UPS mailboxes accept packages from all carriers, including USPS, FedEx, and DHL.

  2. How often should I check my UPS mailbox? It is recommended to check your UPS mailbox at least once a week to ensure you don't miss any important mail or packages.

  3. Can I use a UPS mailbox for business purposes? Absolutely! Many small businesses utilize UPS mailboxes as a professional mailing address and a secure location for receiving packages.

  4. Can I forward my mail from a UPS mailbox to another address? Yes, UPS mailboxes offer mail forwarding services, allowing you to redirect your mail to another address if needed.

  5. Are UPS mailboxes available in rural areas? While UPS mailboxes are primarily located in urban and suburban areas, you can use the UPS store locator to find the nearest mailbox in your vicinity, even in rural areas.

Ups Mailbox Near Me (2024)


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