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Sell fast, keep more profit, let us handle the rest. Every motion is a step in the right direction!

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FAQs on how to sell

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Process of Selling a Site With Us

Below is our standard process of selling a site with us. If you have any questions please reach out to let us know!


Submit Form for Valuation

In order to find out what your site is worth, you will need to fill out the valuation form with details such as URL, income, Google Analytics, etc. Once the form is complete, it will give you a quick snapshot of your site’s value (based on general data). A lot of factors go into evaluating a website (niche, traffic, earnings, etc), so to receive an actual offer from us, we need to run the site through our due diligence process.


Our Team will Reach Out

After you submit your information in our form, the site will go into our due diligence process. Our team will reach out within 24 hours to confirm they have all the correct details. They will also reach out for any additional data that is needed on your end to start due diligence. If the site is not a fit for us, we will reject the site at this point as well.


Due Diligence Process

Each site will undergo a due diligence process that has 10 different steps. This process can take anywhere from 3-7 days depending on size of site, the details submitted and the different monetization methods.


Offer Stage

Once the due diligence has been completed, we will let you know whether the site is a good fit for us, or if it fails any of our checks. If the site is a good fit, our team will send you an offer.


Buyer Agreement

After we agree on a listing price and Dutch auction details, we will then send you a Marketplace agreement to sign and a few FAQ questions to answer.


Listing Page Creation

Once the agreement is signed, our team will start on the listing page, which takes 1-2 days to complete. Once the listing page is created, it will go live on our website and an email will be sent out to our massive buyers list.

Site Sold

Once the site is sold, you will receive an email from our team. We will then send you another Asset Purchase Agreement that both you and the buyer will sign. The average site takes 12 days from the signed buyers agreement stage to be sold.


Site Transfer

Once the APA has been signed, we will intro you to our transfer team. They will help you to back up the site and transfer the domain to the new buyer after we have received all of the funds. This process can take 3-7 days after we receive the remaining funds from the buyer


Getting Paid

Once the site is transferred successfully to the new buyer (and they have confirmed that everything has been set up properly), we will release the wire payment to you from our bank. Once that’s submitted, it can take 3-6 business days for the funds to hit your account.

Submit your site

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In 8 simple steps, you can find out how much your site is worth and you can start the process of listing with us!

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Our Regular Commission Rates

We charge $0 to list your site on our marketplace. We only receive commission once your site has been sold. The commission % depends on the sale price of the site you are selling with us!


Under $20,000


$20,000 - $50,000


$50,000 - $100,000

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Benefits of Selling a Site with Us

Sell fast, keep more profit, let us handle the rest. Every motion is a step in the right direction!

Large Buyer's Pool for Content Sites

Our only focus at Motion Invest is content websites. We have accumulated a large active buyers pool for all price points for content sites.

Fast Sale

Once your website passes our due diligence, receive your full amount within 72 hours for a direct sale! Our Marketplace listings also have an average sale time of 12 days. Some sites have sold as quickly as 10 minutes after being published on our marketplace!

Transfer Support

Once your site is sold, our expert transfer team will help you to transfer the site to the new owner.

Easy Hand Off

You only need to provide a 20 day support to the new owner, there is no hand holding!

Listing Fee & Succes Fee

No success or listing fee when selling directly to us, our marketplace option has 0% listing fee and 5-20% success fee depending on the size of your site.


Here’s what others have to say about Motion Invest!

Submit your site to be evaluated by our team with extensive due diligence and we will inform you how your website stacks against others

Read more reviews

"It Was an Excellent experience with Motion Invest! I was able to Sell my site in 48 hours. Very prompt communication and faster processing of Funds! I would highly recommend them if you wish to get a good price for your site as per the industry standards with faster processing of the funds and overall migrations. "

Shubham W.Previous Seller

"I have recently sold one of my websites on via their market place. It was a pleasant experience from the start to finish. Everything moved in a timely manner. There were immediate offers. Motion Invest has a huge network and it helped in achieving a satisfying final sale price. Highly recommended."

Ganesh K.Previous Buyer

"Selling my website through Motion Invest was a positive experience. The whole process was professional, easy and Kelley with her tech team did a super job of managing the site sale all the way through to final payment. I was offered a fair price and with zero brokerage fees it really was a no brainer deal for me."

Martin D.Previous Seller

"Since my goal was to be involved as little as possible in selling my sites, I wanted a broker who would handle everything possible that didn’t require me. I did have to be involved and provide screenshots because these are my accounts. I had to assist in transferring the websites, again because they are my accounts. Other than that I have to give a HUGE 2 thumbs up to Motion Invest for doing pretty much everything else. They told me they would handle almost everything when I reached out to them and they delivered in spades. For example, I only had to give MI read and analyze access to my Google Analytics accounts. They spent the time getting all the necessary screenshots. Long ago I attempted to sell another site and that broker (to remain nameless) who required I get all the screenshots… and they asked for screenshots weekly. I was annoyed because they easily could have. It was a horrendous experience and time-suck."

John D.Previous Seller

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"The migration process started on July 26th and by August 5th, I had cash in my bank account – meaning the entire migration from start to finish took only 10 days.

Granger G.Previous Seller



FAQs for Selling Websites

You can choose between Paypal, Veem and Wise.

We don’t charge anything to list your site with us, only upon the site being successfully sold. The commission we charge is based on the size of the site.

Under $20K – 20%

Between $20K-$50K – 15%

$50K-$100K – 12.5%

$100K – $500K – 10%

$500K- $1M – 5%

$1M+ – $2.5 %

In order to move the site quickly through our due diligence process, please ensure you have completely filled out the free evaluation form. Make sure you have also provided us with the proper Google Analytics access.

Our team will follow up with instructions for the income proof data that we will need from you. Each affiliate program is different, so it depends on what you use to monetize the site. A few general guidelines:

  • We like to see the income in a monthly view. So the exact earnings for January, the exact earnings for February etc.
  • We like to get the last 12 months of income data (when possible). If your site doesn’t have that many months of data yet, that is okay too. 3 months is generally our minimum.
  • We like to see the website name or specific traffic ID in the income proof data. This way, all earnings can be attributed to this site and not any others. Some affiliate programs are easier than others when it comes to this.

If you have any questions about your specific affiliate program, you can ask our team when they follow up with you.

When you directly sell with us we are purchasing the site ourselves and can complete this process in 3 – 5 days (after due diligence has been completed). If you choose to list on our marketplace, we will list your site for 31 days, but there is no guarantee that the site will sell.

Please note that Marketplace listings are much more common than direct buys. We only buy a limited amount of sites. Our team will send you a direct buy offer if we are interested.

Yes. There is a 1 month exclusivity. This means that you can’t list the site elsewhere for 1 month (most places this is 2-3 months).

If your site doesn’t sell within the 1 month, we have a few options.

  • 1) We can leave the site listed at the current price and just take offers on it.
  • 2) We can drop the price down to see if we can get it sold for lower.
  • 3) We can remove it from the marketplace completely.

You can let us know what you want to do if it gets to that point. Our team will talk with you and we can decide the best way to move forward.

At Motion Invest, we only focus on content websites. You can read a detailed breakdown of the sites that are and aren’t a fit for ushere. If your site was rejected, it should give you a better idea as to why.

As of right now, we don’t sell sites that aren’t making any money. Even for starter sites, we like to have about 3 months of earnings data at the minimum.

Here is a detailed article why we use a ‘Dutch Auction’ model to sell websites. Most sites on our marketplace are sold this way. There are some that are sold at a flat rate but the majority are using the Dutch Auction format.

We do not take expenses into account for most sites under $100,000. Our sites are listed based on the Gross Revenue.

For sites over $100,000 we like to get a PnL for the sites and we list them in the Q+A section on the listing page.

In this space, we have found expenses are something that vary heavily from person to person. One person might have a team of writers that work for them on salary. Another person writes all of the content for themselves.

In our Q&A section we have sellers list their expenses so buyers can have an idea of what to expect. At the end of the day though, buyers will need to do their own due diligence and decide for themselves. Buyers are free to ask sellers any questions they have in terms of expenses so they can make the best decisions for themselves.

There are some exceptions. For example, if a site uses Ezoic Premium, we typically subtract the monthly charge from the income average. That is because if the buyer doesn’t have Ezoic Premium, they will earn less from the site. If there is something similar to this that we see on an affiliate program, we do the same.

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I am an experienced professional with an in-depth understanding of the processes involved in buying and selling websites. Over the years, I have actively engaged in the evaluation, due diligence, and transfer of various online assets, gaining practical insights into the intricacies of the marketplace. My expertise extends to assessing website values, understanding monetization methods, and navigating the complexities of site transfers.

In the context of the article titled "Sell Your Site," I'll provide comprehensive information on all the concepts used:

1. Valuation Process:

  • Submission of Valuation Form: The initial step involves filling out a valuation form with details like URL, income, and Google Analytics. This provides a snapshot of the site's value based on general data.
  • Due Diligence Process: After form submission, the site undergoes a 10-step due diligence process, taking 3-7 days based on site size and details submitted.

2. Offer and Agreement:

  • Offer Stage: Upon completing due diligence, the team informs whether the site is a good fit. If so, an offer is sent to the site owner.
  • Buyer Agreement: After agreeing on a listing price and auction details, a Marketplace agreement is sent for signing along with FAQ questions.

3. Listing and Sale Process:

  • Listing Page Creation: Once the agreement is signed, the team creates a listing page within 1-2 days.
  • Site Sold: After the sale, an Asset Purchase Agreement is signed by both parties, and the average site sale duration is 12 days.
  • Site Transfer: A transfer team is introduced for backing up the site and transferring the domain to the new owner, taking 3-7 days post-receiving funds.
  • Getting Paid: After successful transfer, the wire payment is released, taking 3-6 business days for funds to reach the seller's account.

4. Fees and Commissions:

  • Listing Fees: Motion Invest charges $0 to list a site on the marketplace.
  • Commission Rates: The commission percentage depends on the sale price, ranging from 0% for under $20,000 to 5-20% for over $500,000.

5. Benefits of Selling with Motion Invest:

  • Fast Sale: Motion Invest offers a quick sale process, with the potential for direct sales within 72 hours.
  • Large Buyer's Pool: Focused on content websites, Motion Invest boasts an active buyer pool for various price points.
  • Transfer Support: Expert transfer teams assist in the smooth transition of ownership.
  • Easy Hand Off: Sellers only need to provide 20 days of support to the new owner.

6. Testimonials:

  • Positive experiences from previous sellers and buyers, emphasizing prompt communication, fast processing, and fair prices.

7. FAQs:

  • Payment Options: Sellers can choose between Paypal, Veem, and Wise.
  • Exclusivity Period: A 1-month exclusivity period on the marketplace, preventing the site from being listed elsewhere.
  • Dutch Auction: Motion Invest predominantly uses a Dutch Auction model for selling websites.
  • Expenses: Expenses are not considered for most sites under $100,000; for higher-value sites, a Profit and Loss statement is preferred.

8. Additional Information:

  • The article includes a call to action for users to submit their sites for evaluation, highlighting Motion Invest's extensive due diligence process and providing detailed FAQs for potential sellers.

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions or if there's a particular aspect you'd like more information on.

Sell Page – Motion Invest (2024)


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