Princess Cruises Announces 2023 Alaska Cruises & Cruisetours (2024)

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Of course, Princess Cruises has main dining rooms that offer multi-course meals each evening with some featured “Local Eats Alaska Flavors”. Of course, Alaska cruises are more about the destination than they are the ship anyway. Along the same lines, you won’t find Broadway shows on Princess ships either. While some Royal Caribbean and NCL ships feature signature entertainment venues and shows, Princess productions are more akin to traditional cruise ship revue shows.

Inside Passage Roundtrip Seattle

My (Somewhat) Disappointing Alaska Cruise on the Grand Princess - Upgraded Points

My (Somewhat) Disappointing Alaska Cruise on the Grand Princess.

Posted: Fri, 05 Apr 2024 15:34:05 GMT [source]

Though, you won’t find all the flashy bells and whistles found on some other cruise lines. Another pro of sailing with Princess Cruises to Alaska is the MedallionClass experience that its ships offer. This technology is aimed at making your vacation more personalized and contactless. While most of our cruises have been roundtrip from Seattle or Vancouver, our recent Majestic Princess cruise was our first one-way sailing. We really enjoyed getting to experience a bit more of the region with this itinerary. Even within the Princess fleet, there is variety in the ship’s cruising to Alaska in terms of size, age, and amenities.

Princess Cruises

Founded as a gold mining town and now the state’s capital, Juneau has one foot in history and one in the future. Embark on a whale watching tour, or sail past Mendenhall Glacier on an Alaska cruise. With its roaring glaciers, rugged mountains and deep fjords, Glacier Bay National Park feels like a dream.

Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska

Princess Cruises Announces 2023 Alaska Cruises & Cruisetours (2)

Sail the Inside Passage, a series of channels and waterways formed by the march of glaciers, on your 7-day roundtrip Alaska cruise from Seattle. With an abundance of landmarks and wildlife, take in the sights and sounds of the Inside Passage from the comfort of your ship or on a thrilling excursion ashore. Explore fjords, glaciers and Gold Rush-era towns onweekend voyages out of Seattle. While most cruise lines do offer onboard enrichment opportunities when cruising to Alaska, Princess Cruises features an entire North to Alaska program of specially curated activities. These opportunities usually include talks by locals and experts on topics such as history, Alaskan culture, and wildlife of the region.

Alaska Wildlife

If you’d prefer a smaller, more intimate experience, there’s also a ship for you. Lucky for you, the cruise line’s new Discovery Princess is cruising Alaska as well. Guests onboard can enjoy a traditional cruise experience, with the added bonus of Princess MedallionPlus technology, and great entertainment, including a lively Piazza area. It was the first ship of the Royal Class, the largest class of ships in the Princess fleet, providing cruisers with lots of amenities and venues onboard. Weeklong cruises will voyage to Ketchikan, Juneau,Skagway, Victoria, British Colombia, and scenic cruising of Glacier Bay National Park. Being the biggest Princess ship sailing to Alaska, it will offer a lot for guests in terms of amenities, specialty dining and adult-focused experiences such as a massive piazza, a hub for events and activity.


Find out what it takes to capture some of the best images the Great Land has to offer, from the very photographers who took them. Our North to Alaska program welcomes award-winning photographers Mark Kelly, Carl Johnson, Daryl Pederson and Kim Heacox on board to share their Alaska photography experiences. Learn tips and tricks on how you can take your own frameable Alaska snapshots. Follow in the footsteps of the Yukon Gold Rush on an Alaska cruise from Seattle to some of the world’s most scenic wonders. With convenient weekend departures and proximity to the Great Land, a cruise to Alaska from Seattle allows you to leave when you want, and spend less time getting there. Voyage closer to the sights, sounds, wildlife and traditions that make Alaska unique.

There’s a reason it’s called the Great Land — including its great outdoors. Get up close to renowned glaciers on a flightseeing tour, zipline through Tongass National Forest and hike along the mountainside of Ketchikan’s Deer Mountain Trail which takes you 3,000 feet above sea level. Whether you prefer to traverse by land, sea or air, our cruise excursions in Alaska will bring you on a wild ride. Hear thrilling tales from members of the award-winning TV seriesDeadliest Catch.

With Cook My Catch excursions, catch your own salmon or halibut with the help of a local expert, and in the evening our talented chefs will prepare your haul for your dinner — a Princess exclusive. On a cruise to Alaska, live a nature lover's dream in the land where guests can catch postcard-worthy sights. Once the gateway to Alaska's Gold Rush, Skagway strikes a dramatic image nestled between the water's edge and mountains. Follow in the footsteps of miners with a ride on a scenic train along the famous White Pass route through coastal mountains. During your Alaska cruise, explore the Yukon's pristine wilderness, pan for gold with professionals or meet sled dog puppies in training.

Discover Alaska with Princess in 2024-2025

Princess offers the option of booking an “on your own” tour as well as a “Connoisseur Escorted” tour. The first doesn’t come with meals and other extras — and those can quickly add up — so it’s a good idea to be prepared. A vacation is a great time to try new things, and that’s especially true in Alaska. That’s the attitude I went in with when I hopped on an ATV just outside Denali National Park and revved the engine.

Sail 500 miles deeper into the Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound on our top-rated Voyage of the Glaciers Alaska cruise. Enjoy two glacier-viewing experiences on every itinerary — including Glacier Bay National Park, andHubbard Glacier or College Fjord. Regardless of the cruise line or itinerary, you can expect a pretty typical line-up of Southeastern Alaska ports of call on most contemporary ships. These ports include Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway, with Icy Strait Point or Sitka sometimes replacing one of the options. The information was broadcast across the ship and on individual stateroom TV’s, and we were given a schedule of when we would reach certain highlights (like the breathtaking Margerie Glacier). The cruise excursions of Princess Cruises’ Alaska cruises are one-of-a-kind.

Remove the hassle from air travel and give yourself the gift of flexibility, time and a thicker wallet with Princess EZair flights. We negotiate lower rates with the airlines, allow you to modify your flight up to 45 days prior with no penalty and protect you if your flight is late or canceled. No one does seafood quite like Alaska—which is why we brought the best of the Great Land on board, so you can experience it all with Princess. They groan, creak and shudder on their march to the sea, punctuated by the booms and crashes of "white thunder" — a sound that echoes across the water when ice calves into the ocean below. On an Alaska cruise, let us show you Glacier Bay National Park — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, College Fjordor Hubbard Glacier.

Princess Cruises Announces 2023 Alaska Cruises & Cruisetours (2024)


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